Malachai Faulkner
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London, United Kingdom
Last online: 1 year ago

Composer, arranger, producer, singer & songwriter.

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Music Journal is like a storybook. I intend to write books and little short stories for entertainment, I’ll make a soundtrack to the story and post it up here.
If the story is given enough support, I’ll create a game or a graphic novel out of it or something that’ll keep it interesting and going.
There’ll be related threads and links in future.

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    uniE603 Enchanted Ebbs and Flows (Water Cave)
    uniE603 Peaceful Respite Collections- The Anderant Flows
    uniE603 Immortal's Wasteland - Elongated Silence: Prelude (storybook 1 part 4)
    uniE603 Immortal's Wasteland - Prescience Verses Circumspection (storybook 1 part 3)
    uniE603 Ambient Synthesis [Full]
    uniE603 Battle Collections- Battle No.1
    uniE603 Immortal's Wasteland - Entering A New World (storybook 1 part 1)
    uniE603 Battle Collections- Battle No.3
    uniE603 Batlle Collections- Battle 2