Immortal's Wasteland - Entering A New World (storybook 1 part 1)

Published by Malachai Faulkner

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A track that roughly outlines the ideas of the story I'm working on currently. The opening scene, where the main character is sent to another world, falling from the sky, eventually landing and seeing his surroundings. (update) Storybook 1: A young man, not too sharp, not too clever is dropped into the abyss of a world which wraps him up and swallows him into it's sky. Falling, he grasps for the attention of his surroundings, an orange, golden desert, over the landscape's smooth corners, cracks that blacken the corners of the sphere and a giant, falling sun enjoying the skyfall into what seems to be a bed of water. Except, it isn't water, and his imminent landing is soft upon its velvet surface. He looks around at the expanse as a wind rushes past him, tickling his arms and his back. Where is this? As he gazes, he spots an object in the distance moving incredibly quickly but cant quite make out what it is. The heat is so intense that it distorts his view on the horizon. Whatever it is, clouds of dry desert follow along with sparks behind it, like a raging sandstorm. #audio #Orchestral #Strings #Ensemble #Music

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