Immortal's Wasteland - Strangely Dressed Man (storybook 1 part 2)

Published by Malachai Faulkner

  • 1 credits

The object in the distance moves closer but is hardly scraping what could be called movement. A vivid and strange, tall, dark-dressed man walks into view as though he had been there all along. "That is a high-speed, tracking device that seeks out and destroys any intruders. It is a violent entity that you should be wary of, and just in case you haven't realised, you are an intruder. Get it?", he says to our main character. He passes a shiny object to our not-so-bright main character and fizzles into thin air like smoke. Time had appeared to have stooped but now the sound of an approaching object is clear and a deep rumbling is shaking the ground. The object has a name on it. It reads: My name is yours. The strange man's voice echos through our dimwit's head "Flip the card like a coin and see what the stars have in mind for you. After all it is all based on your mind. This tool is a mirror or a reflection of yourself. So do it. Or you can wait, and be the next terminated target". He flips the card, tries to picture what he would need, just realising that by now the approaching object had stopped and had met its eyes with his. It was no machine. It was no human. It was... #audio #Electronic #Story #Experimental #Synth #Synthesizer #Wave

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