From the Heart

Published by Carl Grimes

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This is a collaboration from around the world between myself, Roger Chandler, Petra Hall, Demelia Denton. Roger/Petra did the music. Demelia wrote the lyrics and I arranged it. Demelia Denton related the following story to me about how the song came to be; Petra has been busy with life the past while and she's on her way back but the cool part is...being unselfish she remembered from along time ago we talked about a collab and she went out of her way to send me a track FIRST to add guitar!!! I was beside myself when this showed up!!! BEAUTIFUL ballad and a Gift to play with from her...One take and sent it back and she was Happy let's feeling guilty for it coming together so fast spent 2 hr's remixing what I sent her for a trial...Hope the is better Petra...ran out of tricks to mix hahaha!!! Thank you sooo much for making me this for our first collab!!! Huggzzzz & Big Smile's from me!! Hope you enjoy our effort's!!! :))))))) Vocalist arrangement Carl Grimes Composition Petra Hall Guitar Roger Chandler Mastered and produced @ Fuzzy lane studio by Carl Grimes Lyrics by Demelia Denton Copyright 2016 ~ FROM THE HEART ~ Look into the looking glass And tell me what you see Wander off somewhere in time From the Heart you dream Dream away release your mind I think that you will find Your dreams come true Sweet dreams will bloom Especially for you CHORUS: Oh how you dream away Forget about the gloom Staring in the Looking Glass Let dream time start real soon From the Heart And smiling thoughts Happiness no gloom Time to go Be on your way Travelling to do Wonder what your dream will be? Will have to wait and see Guess it's only in your thoughts Up to you not me Doesn't matter what it is From the Heart it comes Your thoughts control your every wish When all is said and done Oh to dream away the day Your time and wishes bring Different thoughts within your mind Specially made for one Dreams are dreams Sweet remedies And from the Heart they come Serenity... Sublimely seen And soon you will succumb Dreams are thoughts Of what we wish There are so many kind No troubles worries Cares subside From reality unwind Find your way Enjoy display I'm sure that you will see From the Heart Your dreams to be Will come exclusively DEMELIA DENTON #audio #Indie #Ballad #Guitar

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