Evøl And 80 HEAD - M358

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prod. evøl first of many (lyrics) Evøl vitamn c and promethazine, vision blurred thinking bout the recipe, to make more money cause i want it all, to cash 0ut everytime i hit a mall,vicodin crushed and some fiji water, katana in my hand and im out to slaughter, fuck what you think if it aint what i see cause i see a different version of reality, strawberry fanta and a pint of lean, kids taking chops be all that i see, tie die vision looking down to the ground, asphalt swimmin like i smoked a pound, wait i think i mighta, lightin up some shit call me fuckin al qaeda, bitches runnin round thinkin they all hot shit, but none of them good enough for me to hit, fuck you man dont talk to me imma get to flowin like a top of a stream, PH water mixed with hydro when the blade in my hand im a psycho, rainin rose petals on a all black fit, ion even cough from a huge ass hit, mix in the grit now call it a dome, so high i fall asleep the second i get home, know we hittin blunts eyes never turn white, blade gon be red by the end of the night, never been one to get others in a fight but fuck with me and youll see the light. 80 HEAD 80 HEAD, 80 lifes lived, yuhh, bitch I’m off these drugs like kurt cobain, i take these pills to relieve the pain, ya my mind twisted like a hurricane, I’m wit yo bitch but she aint my main, smoking all this weed getting high off butane, walk wit a limp but i don’t need no cane ,just want this money but i don’t need no fame/ drugs hittin hard like a fuckin train, fiji ice fallin like some fuckin rain, eatin jack n box while i sip champagne, ya I’m in the trap call it my domain, hitin up pronto for the god damn lean #audio #hydro #splash #cobeine #Hip #Hop #Banger

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