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Citiglass company is engaged in production and installation of partition systems in offices and shopping centers. In connection with the expansion of business, there is a need for rebranding. Task Create a brand of a professional and reliable contractor. Develop a logo, visual identity and website. Services Branding Packaging Site Advertising Brand concept Partitions divide office space into zones. The updated Citiglass logo is built on a similar principle. The main product is glass partitions. Transparency of glass creates a feeling of lightness and visually increase the size of the room. This has become the basis for visual identification of the brand. Solution The result of the work is a modern and recognizable visual style that meets the challenges of time and distinguishes the company from the competition. #image #branding #graphicdesign #artdirection #identity #logo #glass #partition #visual #rebrand #system #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #adobeindesign #adobephotoshoplightroom

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