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*Lyrics* (Verse) I want to feel I want what's mine breaking from this skin, in this dark room a girl blossoms someday she might win I will create I will be kind I will fight for peace of mind always knew me to be fine, that just shows but didn't say I had something all this time.. all this time something something So much trouble I don't know how to hide anxious about this, about that about life, about you about getting to where I wanna be everyone talks man but nobody speaks.. been awhile since your girl.. loved herself but lately a girl coming through big ego boost I never knew I never knew.. that I had something all this time something (Bridge) Something only by myself again lonely me lonely me Don't go tell her what she has what she has what I have love your voice, love your hair I will tell my baby I will tell my baby everyday you have, you've got you have, you've got Something (Outro) I wanna feel I wanna love I've got strength that I know that I know why can't you why can't you help her grow? #audio #Something #Original #Natalie #Morley #New #music

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