The Bangkok Rats

Published by Nathan Harrow

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Composer: Nathan Harrow Vocals: Elaina Loveridge For live jazz and electro-swing performances contact Lyrics: Bangkok Rats Always crawling round the streets as they come up from the drains, somehow and I don't know why they get into my veins. Some people say that they're a snitch, a betrayer, a creep or a sneak but I just can't stop loving them and perhaps that makes me a freak. There are those that say they should be killed or chased right out of town, in Bangkok they're a part of us and we see them all around. Some people say that they're diseased that they be nothing but vermin but you'll come here and look around and you will soon be learnin'. About the Bangkok rats. Verse 1: Meet Matt, by all accounts he is a rat Drinking vodka every night and ending in Cowboy, Groping gals, with his pals he's laugh and joke pass her round and have a stroke, and up in a fight But I don't care, when he whispers I'm his girl, I get this feeling like a stitch and it makes my legs uncurl He's a douche, but he makes my heart goes whoosh And I'll be waiting all night long to just be there in his arms. Chorus: The Rats in Bangkok got nothing, nothing on you You’re a no good man, who hasn't got a clue But when you come a'chasin, my heart it's a racin', when you give me some romance, all I wanna do is dance but the rats in Bangkok got nothing, nothing on you. Verse 2: Then James, never met a guy so lame Banging doors and banging whores, his neighbours all complained. He'd lose his rag, and to his mates he'd boast and brag About last nights dirty shag, that ended with a bang But see him jive, on that floor he looks alive the hottest dancer in the room and makes my heart go boom He's a tool, but I'm a sucker for that fool And I'll waiting for a chance to have another dance Chorus Verse 3: Then Stan, the old man who buys his girls, I'm not talking diamonds, pearls, just a few baht here and there. He's got a wife, had a wife for many years who stays indoors with their child, while he's downtown goin buckwild. But you know what? There's something there I can't resist It started the first time that we kissed and never went away Feel the heat, when the feet moves to our beat All those worries go away and I just want him to stay. Chorus #audio #Electroswing #Jazz #Swing #Live #Bangkok #Thailand

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