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Manchester, United States
Last online: 11 months ago

Navajo - A three-piece alternative and eclectic band from Altrincham and France.

Patrick Green – Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Multi-instrumental maniac. Plays solo as well as in the band. Was born to play music and learned to make noise. Not bothered about fitting in. Loves duck in plum sauce, hates getting out of bed most days. Inspired by the likes of Chad Van Gaalen, Daniel Johnston and Tiny Vipers to name but a few.

Josh Hutchinson – Bass Player, Singer and Multi-Multi-instrumental maniac. Plays in more bands than you have had hot dinners. Was born to play music and makes sweet sounds all day every day. Has untameable hair. Loves music, hates mushrooms. Has a passion for the genre of Metal. Knows how to kick out the jams.

Fabienne Fournelle – Drummer, and…will sing. Is better than the other two as a result of being female and also because of the ability to speak more languages than them put together. Loves good food (fine dining darlings) and hates it when people think they’re amazing at singing, when really they’re not amazing, yet they insist on singing in public places. Was born to rock the hell out of a drum kit.

This band sounds like a mixture of chaos and order. They are beautiful and tragic at the same time. Ultimately they sound awesome.

Influenced by all that was and is and is yet to come.

Currently gigging around Manchester and beyond. They released their first EP in 2014 - Wooden Shelter - and they are looking forward to recording a full album in due course.