War Art (ft. nate)

Published by Kingdom


Trench MøB SH!T! Kingdøm: shawty only want me cuz the name on my damn car so far running up 10 stars countin up bands on my lonely im so scared war art yeah war art nate: shawty tryna fuck me cuz I pulled up in a benz she knows if i loved her it would change the way she lives but fucking with these bitches won't put diamonds on my wrist racking up these bands to buy a house up on the hills taking all these pills cuz I like the way it feels dealing with it but it kills and now you look at me frusterated thinking now that I must make it if there's a shot than I'm gonna take it all these years and I won't waste it door won't open then I'll break it dreaming big as a kid now i'm livin out that shit I got all these problems but I'm gonna solve em treat em like stairs i step on top of em you can just tell by the way that I'm walkin this isn't just talkin i break through the walls i never get blocked in I ain't ever stoppin and when I'm on stage it feels like it's changed and everyday that I put in is paid I'll still never quit I live for this shit I swear that I hustle I'm movin these bricks I'm plannin a future where I'm livin rich I gotta keep moving and not lose a grip i'm losing my shit I'm losing my mind I use that to grind I'm up every night I swear that I'll make this my life Kingdøm: Keep making these moves cuz I cannot sit still i can never chill man this shit is forreal paid for your meal, bruh your girl she a steal-er feel like a thief in the night when I steal her #audio #XIIICORE #emo #trap #808 #bass #Hip #Hop #Rap #Ambient #juicewrld

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