Ruling The Days (Neptune Demo 2016)

Published by Will Clark

  • 1 credits

Enjoy! "We've Got to Take Our Own Lives Into Our Hands! Dissolve the Ties and Visions of Fog Obscuring Our Sharp Minds. Heavy Clouds hang for too long. Weather that passes through Mountains.... Unnatural secrets found their way into my life. And now I'll take back the fear that I fed while ignoring my rights... Ruling the Days Like; Peel Back the Layers of Time. Against the Grain We Were Bound for Home. Ignored the Path that we've been Shown. You've Been Given A Lifetime... Let's Live Everyday Like It's Time To Go... The Sun Is Up; The Sun Is Down. Meringue Sunrise Floating Over the Urban Sprawl. Fossilized Alive With the Claim to Save What's Left. Actualized Living Underground... And Living In the Moment Never Seemed So Hard. But Believe Me Now, I'm Gonna Clear my Head. Now We're Gonna Run Through the Trees and Howl with the Wolves at Night. Ruling the Days Like, Tear Expectations to Shreds!!! Against the Grain We're Gonna Make It Home. Negate the Strain on the Broken Roads. We've Been Given A Lifetime. So Let's Live Everyday Like it's Time to Go..." #audio #Neptune #Ruling #Days #Art #Pop #Rock #Demo #2014 #Clark #Will #Indie #Spirit #Chill #Beachwave #Sky

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