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Budapest, I. kerület, Hungary
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  • Adverso Records
  • Avenue Recordings
  • Bagira Ice Records
  • Bedroom Muzik
  • Consumed Records
  • Crosstech Records
  • Dirty Music Records
  • Inexplikable Records
  • Jesus Love Records
  • New Era Recordings
  • Moonshake Records
  • Moxi Records
  • Shibiza Recordings
  • Solguz Recordings
  • Spiral Music
  • Syringe Records

Supported by:

Angelo Ferreri, An-Beat, Cristian Varela, David Herrero, Darkrow, Del Horno, Dj Fronter, Dj Wady, George Privatti, Groovebox, JJ Mullor, Johan Dresser, John Aguilar, Joy Marquez, Lui Maldonado, Marco Carola, Mario Ochoa, Marcelo Vak, Manel Diaz, Maverickz, Mike Newman, Oscar L, Paco Morato, Patrick M, Prok & Fitch, Ricardo Espino, Rio Dela Duna, Sack Muller, Sergio Fernandez, Stefano Noferini, Umek, Uto Karem, Vlada Asanin, Yas Cepeda, Yves Eaux and many many more…

Infos and Bookings : https://www.twine.fm/signin

I was born on 30 June 1991, in Hungary.
I started out learning about House, a style that swept me off my feet when I was 13.
I quickly learned using various mixing and music editing software so that I could create music that I liked.
I release my first album called Mr.Corazón in 2012 on Consumed Records (SPA).

My other releases:

–» Once Apart Ep on Syringe Recordings in 2012
–» Nephentes Ep on New Era Recordings in 2012/13
–» “Who’s Affected” on Beat Tech Records New Year Compilation in 2012/13
–» Safari Ep on Avenue Recordings in February
(Release Support By: Prok & Fitch, Rio Dela Duna, George Privatti, Johan Dresser, Sergio Fernandez, Patrick M)

  • “Jungle House” in Uto Karem Live set@London [https://www.twine.fm/signin
    –» “One Night In The City” collab. with Dj Christopher on Bedroom Muzik WMC 2013 Compilation in March
  • Our track has Hottest Track and Best Demo in Dj Wady Mix Session
    –» “Impression” on Avenue Recordings Miami 2013 Compilation in March
    (Release Support By: Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Ant Brooks, DJMadskillz, Vlada Asanin, Paco Morato, Sergio Fernandez, Erick E, Siwell, Luca M, Filterheadz, Heartik and many many more!)
  • “Impression” on Adverso Records Compilation called Adversidades Vol.2 in April
    (Release with: Mario Ochoa, Dj PP, Dj Fronter, George Privatti, Johan Dresser, JUST2, Flavio Diaz, Vlada Asanin, and many more…)
  • Mario Ochoa played “Impression” in his ‘Infected Beats’ podcast and His Music Therapy 1605PD103 | 1605 Podcast
    –» Smooth / Bumpy EP on Adverso Records in April
  • Umek supported the “Smooth” in his Evolution Podcast [https://www.twine.fm/signin
    –» “Get Some Pacino” on Avenue Recordings The Rumble Volume 4 Compilation in April
    (Release Support By: Loko, Sergio Fernandez, Mark Knight, Dj PP aka Gabriel Rocha, Gianni Scotto, Luca M, Xavi Alfaro and many many more!)
  • Mario Ochoa played “Get Some Pacino” in his ‘Infected Beats’ podcast
    –» Makonde / Nodus EP on Solguz Recordings in May
    –» “Airplane” collab. with Dj Christopher on Spiral Music in June
  • Stefano Noferini supported the “Airplane” on his Club Edition Podcast [https://www.twine.fm/signin
  • Stefano Noferini played the “Airplane” at Pacha in Buenos Aires, Argentina [https://www.twine.fm/signin
    –» Enjoy EP on Shibiza Recordings in July
    incl. Enjoy, Penthouse Party, Hi Malta
  • Dj Supporters: Angelo Ferreri, An-Beat, Alvaro Smart, BK Duke, Cristian Varela, Dj Fronter, Darkrow, Del Horno, Deko-ze, Edy Ramas, Eric Montero, Fabio De Magistris, JJ Mullor, Johan Dresser, John Aguilar, Joy Marquez, Lui Maldonado, Marcelo Vak, Mark Ferrer, Manel Diaz, Maverickz, Matt McLarrie, Michael Deep, Mike Newman, Milkwish, Oscar L, Paco Martin, Ricardo Espino, Rio Dela Duna, Sergio Fernandez, Yas Cepeda, Yves Eaux and many many more…
    –» Mirror EP on Crosstech Records in July
    incl. Mirror, Bongo
  • “Bongo” in The Crossworld Show (DI.FM) [https://www.twine.fm/signin
    –» Dj Entwan - Deeper Love EP on Spiral Music in August
    incl. Dj Christopher Remix, Newmanhere Remix

I hope you will hear more about me and, of course, from me, in the future!


    uniE603 Newmanhere & DB - George (Original Mix) [Bagira Ice Records - Ibiza Sampler]
    uniE603 Newmanhere - DONNIE KNOWS EP [AVENUE RECORDINGS] (Supported by:Mark Knight/Mario Ochoa/Prok & Fitch)
    uniE603 Newmanhere - Don't Worry (Original Mix) + Mike Balance Remix [InStereo] (OUT April 13th)
    uniE603 Newmanhere - Nova EP [Inexplikable] [Supported by:Marco Carola/Groovebox/David Herrero/Landmark...]
    uniE603 Newmanhere - Chimney Boy (Original Mix) [Jesus Love Records] (JLR 2)
    uniE603 Newmanhere - OLD IS COOL EP [Jesus Love Records](Supported by: Ivan Pica/Joseph Capriati/...)