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Dallas, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

In 2010 I created a smash hit single featuring Lil Flip that sent shock waves through out the Underground Music Community. Born and raised in New Braunfels Texas, I was always independent in nature or a “go getter”. I was taught to hustle and the only way you lose is when you give up. My mentality and thinking process has evolved into a formulated system a leader of a Empire would use. I still release hit records consistently and have a catalog with over 150 great songs. I’m currently working with multiple talented artist, headliners such as Crucified, Mexican Celebrity, BoYo, Moreazy Beatz, Clover Gs, Bad Boy Ben F.A.M and a few others. I’ve performed in Austin TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, New Braunfels TX & San Marcos TX. I’m affiliated with everything from recording vocals to editing and producing tracks. Also have experience in Shooting, editing and producing music videos, Creating websites & making hand made Jewelry. As my career develops I appreciate and thank everyone that has assisted me during my travels.

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Nibiru Dyve