Downtown - By Nicolas MAGOSSE - Acoustic pre-version

Published by Nicolas Magosse

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A Small pré-version for the text/lyrics ;) Waiting to play It with the group.. Some drums and a good bass would be nice :) even a small egg ;) "Bon appétit" Caylus downtown downtown I went downtown downtown I was downtown downtoown Downtown I was down Last friday I took a train To this big town, you know It's name I went downtown, douwntown I went downtown, dontown I met a guy, realy strange In hyppie clothes, hardRock face We set on the groud in this big town Yes downtown, downtown We were.... We Share some smoke, Fruity smell, Heavy clouds, like in hell We weren't down down, Down down We weren't down douwn. Down down I left Him there with his def I went alone to see the rest of this big town, downtown Yes downtown downtown I was.... I met a girl, realy nice Brownish hair with blue eyes We went in the park for a time The guitar vibe and the sunshine. She had to leave and go to work She sell fary tales and magic mushs She let me many magic souvenirs I cant explain It is like unreal I was... I walk in the streets in the night Red flashing light on both sides Nice Sexy girls like Maryleen Want to take you in and grant your dream. I saw a swan in the water Wondering what's the matter ? Fire work in reflecting water « A Local cop........ undercover ? » I was... I think It's time to go back home My mind Is high and i m quite stone. I should leave this town to my own town Yes downtown yes downtown So I took the train and went back To my place and you know what I love this crazy town downtown Yes downtown downtown downtown I went Downtown downtown I went Downtown downtown I went Downtown downtown Downtown I went down Writen by Magosse Nicolas Djcaylus 06/2014 #audio #Folk #Guitar #compos #Original #Caylus

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