Flying Too Long // Prod. [cole]

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Just a lil something cause its been too long. too long. This track kinda about addiction to weed, they say its not a thing, but it is a thing ahah come to terms with reality. and i also tripped yesterday so inspiration from da gooms. who even reads these? lyrics I’ve been flying too long yeah I’ve been flying too long I’ve been flying too long been in the sky up off da bong for years now n no ones known besides the gang with the same addiction but now i gotta expand my diction can’t do it with this shit but without the weed man somethings missing no more weed store missions what the fck am i to do I’ve been flying too long n I’m blue, out of place stop the race i can’t feel my face the starry sky got stealing lights to give to u little no stress sack I’m living proof what the fuck is stress man made idea to make u give ur best but I’m always giving always living always present no lie shrooms can get you to heaven been there i done did that microdosing till the wind starts poking just keep going we coasting windows down same song different sound ignorant gibberish im lifted third eye so open my retna blistered #audio #TheSky #pure #columbian #coke #thats #what #this #is #weed #pot #Hip #Hop #lofi #bumpthisshit #always #present

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