Nomyn & Veela - Remember Me

Published by Nomyn


I'm really proud to share with you one of my most emotional song, in collaboration with the amazing Veela. I hope you will enjoy this piece of music :) Watch the clip: Lyrics: It’s dark out, sit in bed I Feel the sleep tug at my eyes Still awake this late at night A day done and nothing to write Some say it’s difficult to find And the words, they just stay inside How about you start at the beginning - You woke up - go on I’ll listen Is life like this, pen to paper alone like this? Is this how they’ll see me when I’m gone? Then should I dismiss my real thoughts to protect my kids Should I let them see my weaknesses How will the remember me when I’m gone? So I record the same The wild and mundane Cause I’m a whole person like they’ll be too I’ll tell the truth - when I was wrong And what I sacrificed to be strong I’ll write every day, humming away Even make it a habit that I don’t lose Cause I look back too - with a warmer heart At the younger girl I once was My journal’s like a link book to my brain So reach out to it, cross the gate Cause everything I am is safe here in my mind If someone told me that I couldn’t be myself I would be me even more through my doubts You’ll get a grip of my soul as you read on Is it harder to love me now, that you can arrange all my flaws Categories, time dates and cause Get about halfway and pause It’s not worth it there are so many more I’ve been Greedy and selfish and borderline reckless I mostly broke promises up with myself when I told myself til I could feel no more breath I’d be better than this, I’d be better than this I’ve only manages to disappoint myself No one know so they can’t force me to look for help It’s a cycle I’ve repeated and know so well But it’s secret, can you keep it? → Support Me @nomyn…dHJTo2Ij2Sqg/feed → Support Veela @veelabeats #audio #Ambient #Chillout #Downtempo #Piano #Remember #Me #Veela #Nomyn

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