Nstomp - Purple Hexagon rec / Om Project
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Singapore, Singapore
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20th - 25th Jan 2015 ATMAN FESTVAL - Sri Lanka https://www.facebook.com/events/1519914968221892/ 28th - 30th August 2015 FRACTALIA Open Air - Berlin , Germany https://www.goabase.net/party/fractalia-open-air-20/79715 Born in 1974 Nstomp is Andriano founder of Singapore's psychedelic venture Om Project. Stompin with smiles on his set " heavily armed with a sinister intensity, twisted track selections and ferocious energy connecting to the crowd. Nstomp at his best to decimated festivals , dance-floors across Asia & Europe with resounding appearances in Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Gili Air , Bali , Japan ,Taiwan , Cambodia , Goa , Nepal , Sri Lanka , Croatia , France , Switzerland & Germany so far... In 2006 Nstomp, together with a bunch of psychedelic trance aficionados of Singapore, started Om Project, which has now become a monthly rendezvous to celebrate the joy of Trance and Dance. Om Project parties are a fresh opportunity to escape and a rare chance to connect with ourselves and other people in a celebration of community spirit and harmony. In Nepal 2008, Nstomp met Kikx and Purple Hexagon and started to collaborate together. In the last couple of years they have been breeding a new psychedelic synergy, spreading the light of an invisible energy. Turning their back on the commercial dirge and keeping a constant, caring eye on quality music realease on Purple hexagon records , their passion has led to the organization of wonderful parties populated by shanti spirit tribe Yapaii " Contact & Booking : Andriano Nstomp https://www.facebook.com/nstomp info@pressurefunk.com
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