Flume - Heater [Onestoso Remix]

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Hey everyone! I got a little bored and decided to try to create the drop part of Heater by Flume from scratch, then just made a song out of it and thought it would be cool to upload. Heater is from the Skin Companion EP. Here's the link https://www.twine.fm/signin I've loved this drop section since he put it in the Skin album preview which is why I chose to remix it, I was just an idiot when I first heard it and didn't know where to start to recreate it. I don't actually know if it would be considered a remix but that's the best thing I know to call it. Skin is a really great album and Flume is a phenomenal musician, I really suggest anyone who stumbles across this song and doesn't know who Flume is for whatever reason go listen to his music. Here's his Soundcloud profile https://www.twine.fm/signin All credit for this song goes to Flume. I hope everyone enjoys this! Thanks for all the support! -Onestoso PS - Flume, if you see this, I tried my best to give you credit, please don't sue me. Also, I especially hope you enjoy this if you find it. Original Release: January 2017 #music #remix #flume #skin #heater #onestoso

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