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Tchico TCHICAYA & the Orchestre MayaMaya-African-Dance-Machine
“MAYA-MAYA” is led by internationally acclaimed African singer Maestro TCHICO -TCHICAYA
The Golden Voice of Africa ( Bandleader, Lead singer, Lead guitarist and Composer.)
Maestro TCHICO-TCHICAYA has a track record few musicians can rival.
He has been playing the music of the Congo for more than 40 years travelling extensively all over the world. His wide-ranging knowledge of experience in the music business is well known.
He is one of Africa’s most creative, prolific and talented Congolese artist musician.
One of the few African musicians to have sold over three million records worldwide.
Winner of the Best live World Act at the 2000 Australia live Music Awards.
He has been awarded three Gold records and one Gold microphone during his career as a
professional musician.
Has travelled extensively with great success throughout various African countries, Europe, the US, South America, Caribbean and Australia…
He has also taken his brand of African music to people all around the Islands : Martinique,
Guadeloupe, Dominique, La Reunion, Zanzibar and Cuba…
Originally, Maestro “TCHICO-TCHICAYA” performed as lead singer and lead guitarist in Australia with “Warako-Musica” band of Melbourne. In 2010 he left Australia and returned to Africa.
There he formed a great super group “MAYA-MAYA” African-Dance-Machine.
“MAYA-MAYA” African Dance Machine, highly energetic group of 15 amazing Congolese musicians, playing, dancing and singing a combination of African Beat, Congolese Rumba, Classic Soukous, Ancestral and Traditional songs, dances and rhythms of the Central Africa creating irresistible African Dance Machine to packed audiences. Rhythms & Harmonies perfect to really shake the festivals.
“Sweet and Passionate” African music that appeals to all ages and peoples who love African grooves “Absolutely the Best shows African World Music has to offer.”…
For those who love African music or for others who just want to dance and to have a good time.
This is a group you should not miss…“MAYA-MAYA” African-Dance-Machine
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