I'm so tired (Prod.Sagun)

Published by Pandaxxoo


I'm so tired I look like shit No supplier I'm so sick Last night couldn't even sleep Counscioisness was talking to me But what does it mean? I might pop a xanny I need caffeine Guess I gotta change Think about good things But it's complicated For who I've been how many times I cried Waiting till the day I die Cause everything is shit outside Cause everything is trash outside x2 Baby I never knew how to be tender Yo titties in my hands all I can remember I get in trouble when I be honest I stay alone cause I'm not a spender Nothing new Like usually I got up from the wrong side of the bed It's been a routine I've been so depressed I can not even get over my ex... Let me die If you love me let me die Let me pass away I hate this pain I hate my life I hate what I'm going through all night A poisoned bee inside the hive I hate that I need Drugs to survive Roses are dead Violets are crying I'm in hospital They say I'm dying Am I dying? Am I really dying? :c Thank you for 10k plays in total guys luv ya 💕💕💕 #audio #Metal

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