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Flint, United States
Last online: 4 months ago

Born Keith Biggs Jr on December 30th 1992, 23 year old Flint,Michigan recording artist Vice Carter found Hip-Hop to be the epitome of his life from the love of Dr.Dre’s The Chronic. From that led Doggystyle, from that led to who many around the globe today know as the dread headed HipHop rebel, Vice Carter! Vice recorded his first mixtape at the age of 16 along with becoming president of his own record label while selling his tapes out of his bookbag in high school. When asked how Vice felt about Hip-Hop being his only outlet he said, “Basketball, football, soccer and any other sports just wouldn’t do. It’s nothing like getting up in front of people to express how you feel. Nothing else delivers the adrenaline of being comfortable with your artistic mind state like music. Being able to paint vivid pictures with words is something i wouldn’t give up for the world.”