Lexi and Frank
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Oklahoma City, United States
Last online: 7 months ago
Frank Stevens + Lexi Sacco. We are 20. We make emo-tronic. "PVLMS establishes it's own unique aesthetic that would fit snugly anywhere that allows its soundscapes to sink in. The duo is unrepentant in its affliction for dense, mechanical sound collages, and when you make songs this engaging, such confidence is justified." - Oklahoma Gazette "Experimental electronica that I feel I would hear in a Boiler Room set. The mellow essence plus the looping creates a dreamy feeling" - AbductionRadiation "A progressive, dark and chill beat that moves into head-knocking drops, the duo gives us the total package in a storyteller-like fashion" - NoisePorn "Seems that the duo's sound is shaping up to a finer, more focused dimension. Layers of chopped vocals build upon each other and grow into an ethereal and warm-like embrace, a sort of feeling that leaves us wanting more as the track comes to an end." - Going Solo Est. 2014 ~ hipvlms@gmail.com ~

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