Shivering Moon

Published by Is Kimo And Larsy And Saturh Biboh Baskr

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I'll let you win Tell you a story how I'll eat your heart raw Crawl on your floor, dive deep inside I want so much more,,,,nothing can ever tear us apart,,,now let us have fun, dream away in the sun,,,,I thought you knew me better,,, now let us have fun,,,,dream away in the sun,,,,I thought you knew me better,,,a river wild for all the one's I knew, who made me shiver,,,wau wau wau A river wild for all the ones I knew who made me shiver wau wau uhhh,,,,,,The salty moon gave me a kiss some signals I could not resist, lost in the rain, so many more to blame, forgot, forgive, I meant nothing at all,,,,now let us have fun,,,dream away in the sun,,,,,I thought you knew me better,,,my goodness your heart of gold is broken,,,come and see magic for you and me,,,,magic for you wau wau wau uh.... #audio #Shivering Moon #December #Demo #Pablo #2014

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