Young Gucci Kurrly Diss Song

Published by Panik Loiter 6

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Paul grinchuk, With that small grin, Fuck, Matches his small dick, Tucked inside is pants, YGK? IDK who the fuck is that? I heard he ain't black But he still yells ninja, You thought I'd actually say it, Didn't ya, Look at your lil fro, You speak like a bitch and look like one, So where's the dildo? I know you use one to fill holes Up When you wanna get fucked, Young gucci kurrly, When I hear your name alone I almost start hurling up, Plus your flow is disturbing son you don't deserve fame to be won, See you say you didn't like me Well that makes two, Kinda like Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali Just kidding I'll leave the room Come back with a wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus sitting on it Better run up the fire escape before I start knocking on it You see Paul no one likes you I doubt you'll even make a good comeback song, You'll probably throw personal shit in it, Let's take ride along about 8 months ago, When you froze on the stage at creekview bro What happened then where the rapping man? You think you're all dope now, Well hoe I think you know it's time to close your mouth, Actually leave it open, So I can say that you blow every bro that walks in, You say fuck it guys I just want this cock in, Woah Paul that's appalling really No actually it's a Paul thing really, I looked it up on Google It was right next to two girls And one cup but in this one Paul drinks it, I'm thinking that I'm a living and breathing rap genius, So stand by and become my jehovas witness You know my business I'm cold to bitches, But that's why I wear a jacket, I make them think they're warm, But they're in for a storm, Of shit I'm pissed, So kiss my ass, Kurrly don't ask don't tell So before I bid farewell I bet you will send something back, Make sure it's something worth Sending another battle rap #audio #panik #l6 #loiter6 #fuckygk

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