A so long to Johnny Cash Song

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A goodbye to Johnny Cash song / The Johnny Cash song It was nineteen fifty six when he came on to the scene with his "Big River" woman who washed him down the stream He sang about the good stuff the Hobos and the trains he shone the light on heroes remember Ira Hayes Counterfeit Cash is what they call me when I sing Ol' Johnny's tunes Cause I look "So doggone lonesome" singin "Folsom prison blues" And time don't mean a thing to me cause I cling on to the past New country may be in to-day but I still like Johnny Cash Cause when he sang "Give my love to Rose" it gave me food for thought "Bout a young man out of prison dyin by the railroad tracks And I remember Luther Perkins pickin "Marijuana Blues" Marshall Grant on bass t'was the Tennessee Two Verses: Now I recall a young Johnny Cash back in nineteen sixty two "Johnny Yuma the Rebel" was riding high and I was a young snapper too Then he transformed to the man in black and with June Carter were a smash so let's roll out the red carpet cause we love Johnny Cash Now the good Lord said that God is life and with one loaf made many breads He turned the water into wine and raised Lazarus from the dead Now if I come back for a second round just make me a real gone Cat I want nuthin to do with guy named Sue I just wanna be Johnny Cash Words & Music Paul Henry Dallaire Paul Henry Pub. SOCAN.CA # https://www.twine.fm/signin Recorded at Barry Haggerty Recording Studio Peterborough, Ontario. Canada on the day Johnny died as my sister Elise inspired me to record on that special day. And as a footnote to this story, I wrote the last verse in my car on the way to record, with the help of Johnny guiding my thoughts as I drove along the way stopping at intervals to edit my verses. #audio #Country music #JohnnycashpaulhenrydallaireCountrymusic

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