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Sofia, Bulgaria
Last online: 2 weeks ago

Hi. My name is Pavlin Gadjalov. I’m a professional graphic designer and computer graphic from Bulgaria, Europe.

Since I was a little boy I knew that I wanted to make things to look better. I started to learn Graphic design from eighth grade to this moment. Currently I am in New Bulgarian University and I am studying Multimedia and computer graphic (2D, 3D design and animation).

After I graduate high school with third degree qualifications for Graphic designer and Computer Graphics, I started to work in the company of one of my graphic design teachers- SARIUS Ltd. After that I was in intership with architectural visualisation studio- VAYA. Also I have knowledge in web design, illustrations, colors, shapes,textures, lights and 3D modeling and visualization.

As you can see in my portfolio I can create high quality logo designs, 3D models and visualisations. My secret is that I release what the client want and I do the best possible design corresponding to its requirements.

What can I do the best:

  • Logo and cover designs
  • 3D models
  • 3D visualisations

Here is a list of programs I am most proficient with:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • 3ds max
  • V-Ray
    uniE621 3D modeling and visualization- - Robots
    uniE621 3D modeling and visualization- Picker robot
    uniE621 3D visualization- Light Diagonals
    uniE621 3D modeling and visualization- Loader robot
    uniE621 3D modeling- Instruments
    uniE621 3D modeling and visualization- House
    uniE621 3D visualization- Apartment
    uniE621 3D modeling- Alien machine
    uniE621 3D modeling- Soviet heavy tank IS-7