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As an art director and graphic designer, I have been involved in various types of advertising campaigns for the last 15 years. Working for so many brands belonging to different industries has helped me to both build up a vast portfolio and gain creative adaptability and flexibility to any kind of brand or communication problem. I’ve exhibited my passion for design since I was young when I was so eager to gain all the information possible. That is why I preferred to back up my studies with a practical job in an advertising agency. Therefore, I am proud to say I’ve been a part of the whole communication evolution till the present day. I worked for both national and international campaigns, some of which were awarded at International Advertising Festivals ( to name a few: Gold Ad’Or, Golden Apple, etc) which made me feel content with I do, but the biggest challenge for me is to break the ice and go beyond the first impression, to dig deeper into human nature’s needs and aspirations and discover the best visual communication strategy that turns a brand into a memorable and meaningful player in people’s lives.

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