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This song was the set of lyrics that kick started the writing process 4 this album. It actually wasn’t even a song as much as it was a journal entry. It was my feelings about life at the time. I had started 2 recover from a very messy year of struggle. Themes that I talk about extensively…or I should say things that I would eventually talk about extensively. But writing from this place I was more optimistic…a feeling that would surprisingly diminish over the following years. But at this stage in life things were finally regaining its purity and beauty. I was working on an ambitious concept album that was coming 2gether nicely and I had my 1st child on the way…there was nowhere 2 go but up! It was exciting and scary at the same time but I was ready 2 embrace it. “Life as we know it, trying not 2 blow it theres not 2 many options 4 a lover slash poet…summed up my life as a whole. Pending fatherhood I knew I couldn’t fail anymore…I couldn’t take the ez route…my daughter deserved everything …we deserved it…and I was determined 2 get it. I didn’t have any other option…I could only fake it 4 so long and I was growing tired of pretending that my day job actually had a meaning other than providing a paycheck u know. Music was gonna b what paid my bills but also what soothed my soul…they always say it’s not working when u do something u loved and this…was the only thing I loved, so it was time 2 switch gears. #audio #pflames Ambition hip hop omaha music inspiration damien insanity entertainment

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