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Hello there,

Playrise Digital, are an independent software developer looking for opportunities in both the video games market and also in new markets seeking to make best use of VR (Education, Products Demonstration, Simulation).

We have a good working relationship with all the key players in the games business Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon and have developed and published our own titles on all of the key platforms.

The team is headed up by Nick Burcombe, an industry veteran of 27 years and are highly experienced in all aspect of games development and making the most of the user experience.

We have publishing experience and can help other developers get their games to market - store requirements such as age ratings, promotional videos and localisation too.

We are also available for flexible Work-for-Hire opportunities in the Games Sector - so if you have a need to deliver, but not the capacity to deliver multiple platforms on time, we can probably help.

We can even bring your game ideas to life, provided you have the funding.

We are also excited by new opportunies in VR with new industries like education, health and product marketing and we believe we can help you deliver uniquely rich experiences for customers utilising VR.

If you think we can help your business, please get in touch.


Nick Burcombe, CEO
Playrise Digital Ltd.

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