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BIG THANKS TO DAVE LOST, MITCH COLVILLE, RED ROOM STUDIOS, CANIS MAJOR, JAHLIL BEATS, BASQUIAT FOR FEATURES AND PRODUCTION. Strip Club Story Producer unkown Until they Listen Producer unkown. Promotional Mixtape : Dark Adventures. Lost child inspired by the lack of western love from my parents unaware of why my father was the way he is, out of touch with my culture, in the dark, angry, lost, went on a spiritual and scientific adventure with extended family and created this music. We are lucky to be in Canada. Remember that... Thank you to all my family for the support, I don't have friends, I don't know where I'd be without you all. It's all real. Wake up. Watch for the poetry anthology Providence is Waking dropping on 29/02/16. too many special shout outs I want to give... thanks to everyone for all the support #audio #DARKADVENTURES #PROVIDENCE #CANADAHIPHOP #IMAPOET

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