A.D. Labuschagne
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Johannesburg, South Africa
Last online: 4 years ago

Psychotic Synthesis is the collective name for the experimental and progressive electronic and digital music projects of Andre Darius Labuschagne - also known as Smokey in the local Spoken Word scene.

This includes a whole range of sonic experimentation and explorations conducted in his super-secret and well protected sound lab, where he tinkers away at reality with the mad abandon of a little boy with a chemistry set and a box full of toys to blow up, melt and ultimately destroy.

He is currently reworking and publishing his initial experiments for the benefit of the Society, and also working on what seems to be the next step in experimental narrative and inter-dimensional travel through the use of soundscapes.

He has no interest in being the new sound of music - we have enough of that going around, nor does he desire the gory glory of being ‘the next big thing’. Instead, he just wants you to listen, feel, and be enlightened.

Believing in global unity, we would also like to encourage any other artists (music/video/visual/literature - any and all things cyberpunk/sci-fi/horror related) and netlabels who would like to have their work featured on our up-and-coming blog/website or would like to collaborate via the internet to contact us by sending a mail to https://www.twine.fm/signin

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