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Sergey Ptitzyn - DJ, musician Sound editor,Sound producer… Founder of many projects.
Since the 93rd as a sound engineer and session guitarist he has worked with many musicians and musical groups working in different musical directions (rock,hard rock,heavy metal,hard core,grind,death metal,rap,funk,electronic music,etc.).)
Now it’s ZARINE (PTITZYN) and NIR 300 Project
Beginning of the career DJ of 1996-97 as JUMP UP / DnB musician …
He released the album "Leading the rats»,»Art Cor»,»Drunk & Bazz» ,EP «Blind fury / Water party»;singles DnB Wise, GO ON, Ghost of the Rock n roll, Atmos Robotic,Other window and other ;remixes for famous musicians: Future Cut, Emenem & D-12, HKGE, Fugees, Ricci i Poveri, e.
To date, busy in the project NIR 300 Project….
Released singles “Sexual origins (ft. Amber)”, “Club pimp (ft.Sagat)”, “Zodiak Inside”, «Unity»,»New town in Tour», “Step By Step”, “Around the Sun” … and many others, sound on radio stations in England, USA, Australia, European countries …
In 2016, a single in the style of jump up - “PTITZYN - Ghost of the Rock n roll” the month was rotated on the radio station of France …
In September 2017, Zarine (PTITZYN) signed a residence agreement on the English Internet wave MIXSET.

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