0 To 100 (Remix)

Published by Jamiya G

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4-5 grams thats a real spliff If she hustle hard n give head She a real bitch Shoutout to ma niggas On that trill shit my tongue must be loaded When i spit The way i kill shit , Kill shit kill shit When i come i shut it down Im the kill switch Kill shit kill shit When i come i shut it down Im the kill switch Hol up I dont know the fuck u mustve heard But My circle small so lame niggas Gon end up gettin swerved And ma clothes smell like some money and good herb And u could never say that amma fake Ma nigga thats obsurd Yea U should know that all i see is real And she fell inlove cause ur broad Done saw the flex appeal Nigga rather make a mil Before ma deal And its death before dishonor For the rats who wanna squeal I just think its funny how it goes Show u love on the net But never show up to your shows Nigga Im just steady focused on my goals No love for the thots Captain never save a hoe nigga Young nigga Yea i Always play ma roll And ma niggas down to roll If its bout that bank roll Nigga We just keep it hot For when it snows Got love for drake So i had to borrow this flow But oh well Oh well Got bitches by the threes Think i got them from a wholesale Dont tell dont tell I be breaking bud And rolling up We smoking out the hotel Uh this My really wid the shitz flow Say she down to ride She aint really wit the shitz tho Cant make up my mind Each time i rap the way i switch flows Nigga leave me with her Come back asking Where ma bitch go let her roll ma weed And lick the dick When im done I send her back She send me nn aked pics And u all pussy niggas make me sick Thats why i make my change But no i never change the clique No Im just laying low And play it cool Writing notes , composing bars That take niggas to school They sleeping on me While they bitches drool Amma need me a snow bunny Black dick make her a fool Uh #audio #RapHipHop #dope #shit #get #with #it #jamiya #stop #sleepi

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