Like It Like That (Do It For The Love) (Remix)

Published by Jamiya G

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Do it for the love yall Do it for tha love yall Do it for the love Only man can judge me Is the one living above Do it for the kisses And I Do it for the hugs Do it for the pimps and also Do it for the scrubs Do it for the gangsters Do it for the thugs Do it for the laughs Everybody cracking up Do it for the stoners go ahead and take a puff Do it just to do it Cause am doing what I love Hold up lemme roll up Brief intermission The mission Is to bring this cool funk You've been missing Delivering a vision So sit down and listen Im kicking this rhythm No ism or skism Do it from the heart And do it With no regard Lying to yourself Then you in war with god Never do it sub-par Perfect the craft Cause i do it for the art Done it well thus far Done it well thus far Cant tarnish the repertoire Young lyrical reservoir And this verse is a memoir I like it like that Do you Like it like that Like it like that Do you like it like that Do it for the love yall Do it for the love yall It goes 123 unto the four Purpmiya just walked through the door All the ladies peeping Say they loving his couture Lyrics so smooth Not to mention hella flow Roll up these herbs And elevate higher Plans to be esquire Cant wallow in the mire I spit a lil fire Just to watch u perspire Roughneck attire That respect I require never getting sick of this Smooth beats So meticulous A sip of this Will have you drunker Than a thousand sips of krys A hit or miss You missed the hit And now you pissed You missed this shit Make that smooth groove for Intellectual illeterates Dibble and I dabble Scribble with the scrabble Stronger than the grapple Sweeter than the apple Smoother than the snapple Reverent like a chapel Higher than the rapple Defeating all the battles Deeper than the shallow Straighter than the arrow Brighter than the shadow Flyer than the sparrow Hidden in the fallow Placed on a gallow Blacker than your afro Staying on the narrow #audio #Classical #tribe #love #like #it #like #that #for #the #love #Smooth #fire

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