Same Shit, Different Day (Prod.@Iotosh)

Published by Jamiya G

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6:30 in the morning An am up already Wake and bake shit The joint is stuffed already These Mellow medleys keep my vibe so super steady Got a pencil game so deadly One cold yaadie thats no deli Uh Bouncing to this shit as I roll out Of bed Not a morning person So dont fuck with my meds Breakfast in the bed Then she serve me some head Funny how i still go out And chase me some bread In this Rat race rat race All you niggas act like pussies Like you castrate castrate Cash rate going up Nowhere near rich Yea you kinda ?? But your nowhere near this And I just told my misses That im somewhere near hits Sounding more crisp Than a fresh bag of chips Io Got yall bouncing Like a fresh pair of tits An i know ma shit be popping Like a face full a zits nigga Rub her thighs She taking off ma hillfiger This nigga iller Triller Smokin killa In a villa Realer Niggas betta read up Now roll more weed up #audio #Wave #Jamiya

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