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Qoncept Bio & Philosophy:

“A Concept is a vision in which non-conformist ideas take precedence over traditional concerns. A conceptual idea will usually only appeal to the open minded and adventurous.”

Qoncept is a non-profit solo music project by 28 year old, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Tom Sharpe.

“Qoncept is self defined and free to explore the extreme reaches of music and art. Expressing myself, my thoughts, my feelings and my passions through music will always take priority over commercial or financial gain, because i believe that the spirit of true art is corrupted and de-valued by money and fame. The moment that an artist’s creativity is deliberately used as a commodity, is the moment that they cease to create true art. Music today is surrounded by unimaginative, unstimulating, soulless songs that pander and bow to the fickle and frankly boring desires of society. Most artists are too afraid to venture near the boundaries of music for fear of not being accepted as artists”

But Tom believes that pushing the boundaries to, or even beyond their comfortable limits, is exactly what makes an artist;

“Art is not about trying to create something that is perfect to everyone, it is about creating something that is perfect to the artist. True artists have the confidence to not be influenced by the expectations of society, but instead, to simply create whatever feels right whether it gains them fans or not.”

Tom’s lyrics are mainly based on his personal views, experiences and values. They are honest, meaningful, passionate, and thought provoking. They are designed to cause you to get lost in the song and to leave you with a sense of inspiration;

“Art is an extension of consciousness. In the form of poetry, art allows us the ability to communicate feelings without the need for literal or definitive words.”

Tom’s vocals are a mixture of melodic singing to add warmth, powerful spoken words to bring intent, and sincere screams show the passion behind the lyrics. By teaming up this diverse vocal style with his unique style of music, Tom is able to produce truly personal songs;

“I do not expect my music to appeal to the wider audience, but i am making it available in the hope that the true music lovers will appreciate what i stand for and respect me as an honest artist!”

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