The First Echo

Published by Qoncept

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It's been just over 2 years since i last released any music. During that time I have become increasingly aware of things that seem to be slowly, but ever more rapidly, threatening our society, our environment and our future, to the point that i feel it is my duty to encourage people to wrench their heads from the sand in which they continue to (possibly naively) bury them... To speak, shout and scream at them in the hope that we can somehow make a difference together.... I extend that encouragement through my music and lyrics. I hope that this comes across in these five songs. Not one single note or word has been written for selfish reward or recognition, but instead were written with unequivocal integrity; Don't give me your money! Don't give me your praise or your criticisms! I'm not asking for any of it; if you feel the need to spend money or make your opinion heard, I would much prefer you to go and make a donation to a good cause, sign a petition, cast a vote, or do anything to actively improve the world in any big or small way you can... As individuals our tiny voices are useless, but as a collective wall of sound, we can do anything! This EP is one of my small contributions. The sounds we make today, no matter how quiet, won't just echo once... They will reverberate multiple times. And with each reverberation, instead of losing power, we will reinforce them with our unity, strengthen them with our conviction, and propel them forward with our passion, to keep them echoing for as long as we have the means to make ourselves heard. We must look to the future with positivity. For it is ours! #audio #qoncept #qonceptmusic #Singer #Songwriter #Producer #tom #sharpe #Electro #core #electro #core #spoken #word #Singing #vocals #scream #screamo #Art #Artist #integrity

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