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Cape Town, South Africa
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“Q-ROCK ROCKS” South African hip hop is yet to see an artist or group dominate consistently. Even though some artist have established themselves, there aren’t any who can rightfully claim to have the game on a headlock. So it’s safe to say that the throne is empty and whoever wants to occupy it will have to be consistently dope. Mr. Q-ROCK is one such artist, who looks to raise the bar wherever he step’s into the booth or stages. Quinton a.k.a. Q.ROCK was exposed to elements of the emerging hip hop scene in the 80’s while growing up in Mitchells Plain on the Cape Flats. Starting out as a break-dancer and later progressing to rap & ragga it was evident that he was bitten by the music bug of show buisiness. Popular DJ “MC Ready D”, Teba, J Xratet, C.O.P and Waleed Jumat from his ‘X’ group R.A.W was a neighborhood friends who played a profound role in guiding him on his early path in music. He featured and performed as support act on the Deborah Cox, Aloe April ,KB ,VJR Claire Phillips ,P.O.C ,Eden ,Joe ,Mendoza ,E’Smile ,Tony B ,The late Brenda Fassie Richard Cheasar, Funny Carp, Verd,Nikk, Dalen, Karen Kortjie, Patricia Lewis, Alistair Izobell ,Arrested Development ,Will Smith ,Techno Tronic ,Emo Adams ,Tuca Tucan, HHP, Keith Sweat and Sybil. He performed, toured alongside local and international artist and did Numerous television appearances include Craze & Backstage on Etv as well as Pitstop on SABC I & 2 ,DSTV,CNN and BBC TV. Besides performing his also an avid songwriter As an avid songwriter he gladly shares his talents with fellow artistes and performers and features on CD’s with Funny Carp, D’Low, RedS, C.O.P, Solo, Baz`e, Kay Lee (USA), Blaq Jack, Ruan De Waal, DellWen, AKA, Da Firm (USA), Christina Ur Barbie (UK), J-Coel (USA), C-FLO (LA), Maroeralboom from Noted Music & Tenaj (LA). Q ROCK’s rendition of the Leo Sayer classic, You make me feel like dancing, is the first single of his Album Jambola release last year. His album Jambola released locally and international on all radio stations featuring Dj Swagga, AD Hufkie, Tha3kingz and Dj Branny. . On the track his ragga rap flow is complimented by the vocal talents of Jaco Maria from Loading Zone fame and gospel soprano Manual “Tokkie “ Losper. His latest project his working on is his group C.O.P who all ready hit the SA Top5 on radio stations and international air play. Q-rock has just release his worldwide single with super singer and model Tenaj B Bze from Lost Angeles there new hit was produced by Tenaj and C-Flo from Los Angeles. iTunes downloads Tenaj ft Qrock single You Lite The Fire. Dellwen aka Wendell Reed: IN THE EARLY 90,S WENDELL AKA DELLWEN GOT INSPIERD BY THE FUNKY RHYTHMS OF HIP HOP BY ARTIST SUCH AS RAKIM & ERIC B PUBLIC ENEMY, CAPE TOWNS POC, BLACK NOICE , ONIX ,REAGE DUO SHAKKA DEMAS & PLIERS EX. AND STARTED HIS OWN CREW CALLED THE PEACE KIDS. THEY PERFORMED AT YOUTH FUNCTIONS, A.N.C REALLIES AND SHCOOLS, CARRYING A POSSITIVE MESSAGE OF PEACE. LATER ON HE JOINED A DOOWAP TRIO CALLED BOYS WITH SOUL AND MADE WAVES IN PLACES SUCH AS EERSTE RIVER AND BLACKHEATH AS THEY WERE COMPAIRED TO SWEET HARMONIES OF BOYS 2 MEN. IN 2000 HE WAS CALLED BY PRODUCER AL ETTO TO GO ON A WEST COAST TOUR. THAT’S WHERE HE MET THE TELANTED MR. Q ROCK WHO HELPED HIM BRODEN HIS MUSICAL TELANTS. IN 2006 HE WAS IN THE KYKNET AFRIKAANS IDOLS COMPETITION AND ENDED UP ONE OF THE TOP 32 CONTESTENSE IMPRESSING SONG WRITTER FANIE FOUCHE WITH HIS SONG “BLY NET HIER”. HE MET MYNIE GROOVE WHO LIKED HIS SINGING TELANT AND IN 2007 MYNIE HOOKED HIM UP TO DO BACKGROUND VOCALS FOR MICHEAL BUBLE,S SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR AND TOURED WITH HIM TO JO-BURG AND DURBAN. MICHEAL BUBLE CONCERT 2007 @ THE COCACOLA DOME HALL HE LATER AUDITIONED FOR CAPETOWN ACTOR/ PRODUCER RICKY RUDOLPH WHO TOOK HIM TO SPAIN TO DO MO TOWN TREBUTE SHOWS ON THE MALLORCA,S BEST STAGES. WENDELL WORKED AND PERFORMED WITH ARTIST SUCH AS, EL & GINGER LA ETTO,RICARDO,D.LOW,Q.ROCK, MYNIE GROOVE,EMO ADAMS,ZAIN ADAM,RICKY RUDOLPH EX. The 80’s and 90’s seem so far away, what with all the new styles, sounds, finger snapping, auto tuning and gimmicky raps flooding the market by many newbies artist all over. C.O.P was formed by lead rapper AD HUFKIE in 1992 with hip hop raga artist Q-ROCK who’s better known for his big hits on all local and International radio stations. C.O.P consists of 2 member featuring DJ Swagger one of South Africa’s best DJ on the music market. AD HUFKIE aka Antony Donnavan Hufkie lead rapper took on the stage with most of South Africa’s hottest acts and recorded with the best in studio. AD HUFKIE collaborated with AllistairIzobelle on his hit single cover the song O Carol produced by Molly Baron, He also tour long side SA POP and one of SA oldest groups THE ROCKETS as there supporting act. AD HUFKIE recorded his first CD with Q-ROCK as a group in 1994 at Lemmy’s studio and in 1995 won the regional finals of the African Hip Hop competitions as a solo artist representing the Western Cape at the national finals in Johannersburg. QuintenJ A Swartz akaQ-ROCK better known as the lover man for his sexy voice when doing his ragga style in singing. He featured as guest artist on the Deborah Cox, Joe , Keith Sweat and