Quaro - Mutter

Published by Marco Quarin

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So, I finished it. Sorry for the "rapping quality". It's my first time. You are allowed to be mean, though. I pitched down my voice so it sounds less shitty. ********************************************************************************** Everybody've got a dream to pursue 'til death, Travelling light years without moving a step And I've got lots of dreams as well, But the only thing I see coming true is "nightmares". Man vs Man doing all they can to push the other down again Rich 10%, rich Uncle Sam, since "the ages of ages". Amen. Rich media lords reaching ears through the years, You should've never bought those TVs, Minds are easy, tricked 'cuz they need to see just things that are pleasing them. So they just bend your reality, Distract the audience, kill the rabbit. Rinse, repeat, until it's a habit. Weave webs, pull the wire and cut it. And I feel like I have strings on my arms, On my eyes shady lens block the sight on my target I don't wanna play "who's the hardest", But have a seat in my head and try to get out then: I don't have big issues, but you know our thoughts can enlarge any problem, And once they start going on and on and on, There is really no way to stop them. That's why silence is my anthem, And 'null' is my favourite object, In a world of cemetery closets, deserts of dust under our carpets. And I feel like I'm chased by Dementors, Turning my logic into nonsense, That's why I am not an MC, I'm just a pathetic mutter. Closed in my room with sunshine outside, Trying to find a way to make it rhyme, And I discover what obscures my sight: The fact that I don't want to see light when I'm down. I never took a challenge, never tried harder, Never played, too afraid of failing, this is madness, Always waiting for something to happen. Staring at the screen, not writing, Stuck because I just miss the point of it, I could just open the door and keep walking Until I reach the peak of a mountain. Instead I cry about my life being void, But I never tried to make it matter. Architect of sand castles. Master procastinator. Chronic mutter. ********************************************************************************* Sorry again, for any mistake in grammar / pronounce / accent. Thanks, Hugo, for helping me record this. #audio # #Quaro #Mutter #Rap #Grime #Hip #hop #Dubstep #Deep #Dark #Bass #Drum #Fruity #Loops #FL9 #Marco #Quarin #Beat

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