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Los Angeles, United States
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Where random dreams meet reality is where you’ll find this DJ/producer phenom. RDTR, which stands for Random Dreams To Reality, is a 17-year-old DJ/producer from St. Louis, Missouri. Very passionate about making music from birth, he began practicing piano at his local church when he was just a young child. This is where his natural eye for music was first discovered by others due to his ability to replay a set of chords after hearing them once. Later, as his taste in music developed, his interests turned to the acoustic guitar and he began to practice that craft.

Growing up in the age of technology gave RDTR a leg up when it came to producing and, surprisingly, his first try at producing came when his interests had transitioned from music onto video games. He had created an 8-bit computer game and realized that it needed music, and thus the interaction between dreams and reality was born. All this happened before RDTR was the age of 13. From that point on, he focused solely on music because he felt it could change the lives of those who listened.

RDTR began studying and digesting any musical style and genre that he could get his hands on. At the age of 13, he began creating Hip-Hop and R&B instrumentals but he yearned for more. As he got older he began to produce new genres EDM, and chillwave. From pop and rap, to euro trap and glo-fi, RDTR used his musical ear and God-given talents to blend what he has come to term: “Dreamwave”. The “dreamwave” genre is RDTR and RDTR is “dreamwave”.