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Macon, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

I am Randolph RJ Da Youngin Jones II born of Dublin Ga an raised on the Westside of Macon Ga. I started really recording as a solo artist at the age of 10 in the 5th grade as the artist liljae1231 on MySpace. My major influences are daily life experiences and all my music revolves around the every day things I see and do. My brother from another mother Lilscoot Offset also known as Lo$t Summers influenced me to start making music cause he was really into it and I thought if he can do it why can’t I. In chorus since I was in elm school dressed as reindeer in the Christmas program to singing the national anthem at graduation of elm school. Grew up as an all around athlete raised by a single mother of three but my father was in my life so it wasn’t really a broken home. Not a troubled child but it seemed people always found away to start a problem with me, I guess they saw the greatness in me and tried to stop the flower from growing. Music, I am influenced by are all genres and I mix all of them together and use all emotion to record and master a record. Started professionally mixing tracks as a 17 year old also managing artist and making beats as well for artists. DopeFiendMafiaGlobal is my indie label in which I created with a group of friends whom are co-signed to me but also manage their own joint labels as indies. Singing came naturally from my father an mother both singing in church and the music was inherited threw the blood if you would say. Now I am a solo artist whom sponsor many artist and I’m 19 and striving for greatness…

    uniE603 RJ Da Youngin- Do Da Dorsey Flex Prod. Beat Phazer