ttr027-bonus.006 tooltech - stellar - omara (tribal) remix

Published by tt-rec exclusive

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the stellar ep incl. 1 original track and 6 remixes. minimal, techhouse, dub, techno the original by tooltech is a reduced minimalistic tune with atmospheric synth pads and clear percussion sounds. wooden and metallic sounds in combination guide through a trip into unknown spheres. every remix has a personal note.... narcotic303 remix - a unbelievable accoustic message. dub as its best..! ulf kramer - he did a braincracking remix with fantastic funk elements. djoker - every djoker work is like a own strong track with using original elements... great remix. maurice goltz - his version shows that deep drums and a originally hook can tell new stories... omara - his remix work is full of tribal elements. enjoy his voodoo session... twm - expect a fresh remix with fragments of different styles. the original elemets do a good job here... allover a cocorful ep. This audio is part of the collection: Community Audio Artist/Composer: tt-rec Date: 2012-01-07 Keywords: tt-rec; ttr027; bonus; minimal; techhouse; techno; remixes Creative Commons license: #audio #tribal #ttrec #ttr027 #bonus #tribal

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