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ttrPOD artist info: (taken from artist page) waldo eggenhuizen aka dj massie (nl) My statement: Techno is something you feel, it's a way of living and i think the best music there is. no techno no life!! what i think and want with my music: Inspired as i am by Dave Clarke, i trie to be innovative on tricks, skill and be original. Sometimes it works out sometimes not, being creative with tricks and effects costs energie and you must be very secure!! A mixer is a musicbox full of possibilties. use them............ the best techno was produced and played between 2000 and 2005 i think. about 13 years ago Massie got connected to techno music, after a period of following jungle tekno and drum and bass and stuff like the Prodigy he started visiting houseparties in Holland. A friend brought up an idea and bought a djset which was installed @ Massies home. This was is first contact with Dj-ing. in about 2004 he got his first sets ready and had put hem on the internet. Very soon Massie got his first Gigs and since then he has been playing hardtechno and Schranz music. later he became Radio Dj @ (Kellerkinderforum)(also clubtec-radio). He played a lot of sets (demo's and live gigs). He also participated in Eu-bunker//Usb Mixsessions// (dj Nuke)// Vector Radio (alex Strunz) and on Electrocution Radio (dj Crazy Tbone) and Hard Destruction Broadcast.. About 2/3 years ago Massie changed his style to techno/hardgroove but he is also playing the harder sounds again. what i want in future, i don't know lets see what happens......i like to do podcasts and radiobroadcasts and put them on soundcloud for sure Massie plays is own style and is a Vinyl player only!!!!!, he likes to use the Fx on a mixer and is always searching for interesting things to show in his mixes. Massie is inspired by the big man himself Dave Clarke. One thing is for sure, one day everything comes together and it will be almost perfect in music in life .......... if you like to get in touch you can send a message on soundcloud or email ( or Facebook Massie #audio #ttrPOD #podcast #massie #hardgroove

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