Matt Baker - USS Sulaco Hadleys Hope

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Hi There, and welcome to my latest track, 'USS Sulaco Hadleys Hope' I'm sticking with the 'Aliens' theme for this one, as I really fancied a go at composing a theme tune for the 'USS SULACO' which appeared in 1986 'Aliens' movie. The ship transported the Colonial Marine on their ill fated mission to the terraforming settlement, 'Hadley's Hope' on LV426. This is one of my most favourite Sci-fi movies as the production quality and attention to detail is just amazing! From the moment this movie started I was on the edge of my seat and although I must have watched many times it never get boring as there's just so much to enjoy! In my composition, I've tried to get the feel of the start of the mission, as the crew and Marines set out with Ripley to investigate why communication has been lost with 'Hadley's Hope'. I've tried to get a kind of patriotic feel to the track, but also picking up again on those classic melodies that conjure up a feeling of being in deep space. I couldn't resist a little bit of 'action' so added a kind of march section to build some drama, as this is a military craft after all! It finishes off with a repeat of the intro melody, but with an optimistic, epic crescendo! Composer, All Instruments, Arrangement, Production: Matt Baker I had great fun making this track and hope that you enjoy it to. Comments and feedback most welcome Thanks for listening All the best for now Matt :) #audio #Soundtrack #Instrumental #Orchestral #Soundtrack #Theme #Atmospheric #USS #Sulaco #Aliens

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