Right Vibe
Eivissa, Spain
Last online: 3 years ago

What’s different?
Having danced through more house than the richest estate agents, you can be sure to regularly receive wonderful music if you follow this DJ.
As a thank you will receive unique bootlegs to download in high quality and you’ll be first to know about upcoming releases.

What makes this DJ driven and unique from so many is that he experiences consciousness in a special way.

He has a heightened awareness that puts his conjoined ears and mind outside of himself whether or not he is mixing.

Its this sense that allows him to know what sounds people need in that moment and its his years of dedication and love of house music that resulted in him having that perfect next track.

His mixing style is described as Gentle and Powerful.

What makes him great is he always produces a continuously interesting set from start to finish, because of his wide taste in music but what makes him brilliant is his ability to deeply connect.

Being in the moment always aware.
Intuition, trust and instinct.
And of course a true, real love of house music.

He views the dance floor as a place where different people step on with separate experiences and that throughout the night they can merge their states of being.

It’s up to a DJ based on his experience, passion, knowledge and mind power during his set how well the crowd mind is combined and whether or not when the time comes to leave the dance floor, everyone leaves feeling totally refreshed, energised, free from stress and full of life.

His deep understanding of collective reality and human psychological potential began at local parties in his home county of Essex and carried him on to play clubs and land residencies in England and Ibiza.

In addition he has hosted his own successful nights from idea to launch so he has a rounded view of the industry.

And of course Sound:
Sound is Energy in Motion (Emotion)= Vibrational Frequency.
= Consciousness.
Many people= Group
Group consciousness is directly affected by vibrational frequency contained within the (recorded) sounds and (live) people.

If you want someone who can not only take everyone up high, keep them there and take them on journey, but get rid of the lows too, please contact https://www.twine.fm/signin

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