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Let’s kick out summertime with a refreshing selection of grooves inspired by disco music in all its various shades. I’m very honored to be putting out this album with a collective like Business Casual and I really hope that these tracks will encounter your taste as you enjoy them in the summer heat, like a tall cool glass of Bubble Tea. Oh and if you think is not enough, you can also get this EP in limited Tape Edition for added taste. But… is Limited so… hurry up and get your fix :D Special thanks to the awesome dudes at @business-casual for making it happen and all of my friends and supporters worldwide, the @gamechops squad, @android-apartment for working with me on one of the tracks, @bbriggsmusic for helping out in spreading the Bubble Tea on Earth and my fiancee Amanda for being the wonderful inspiration source she is every single day. Maximum respect to: Junk Fujiyama Rick Astley Renato Pozzetto Jerry Calà Pino D’Angiò Broken Lizard Ness from Earthbound Ranka Lee Sheryl Nome Mettaton EX Recorded at Frontier Galactic Studios - Island 1, Frontier Space Colony, between December 2059 and March 2060 Support Business Casual @business-casual businesscasual.biz Follow me! :D Let's be friendz on the Internetz! :D 
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