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Great news the 20 albums are now produce MP3’s 2011, 5 to 3 tracks each album running time each track 5 to 10 mins great, Robby Royal is titling them on he’s travel’s whilst shopping etc.Now the even better news he has struck a deal with to up load these albums please don’t rip them off try doing your own stuff the larger companys amen there taken 10 years to do cleared sample’s etc. Merry Xmas and New YEAR’S…Hi everyone welcome to this newly built site and guess what all my links on this site are up and running.It has taken some time but i have been very busy but have time to have some fun,feeling famous and the mind like it was when we where children every thing looked so new .Please all vista my brand new website on my domain at but you must type this to found the 10,000 picture’s GOGGLE search only? plus Amazon search for Robby Royal were your found over 30 albums??? within my site on it tells you what to do how, to enter into these 3 site’s you can download my track’s early year’s in recording my album’s your be amazed. Rob da Bank and festival’s wanting a meeting with me…to play some live Set’s. Also your now found all my albums on Amazon search for Robby royal price’s start from 0.69p upwards on sale now hurry whilst stocks last, also everyone has ask for my first record Hit the House well again go to Discogs top of the page and search for House Engineers it’s value today for the 7 and 12inch is 50 pounds upwards,it’s one of the first ever English house and hip hop records.There are now 2 email address’s you can use to search for these new site’s there are and within sorry there want allow me to link up???but all you need to do is use these email to search.(Taken sin from this world,stop sinning and you get much more then you need, money everyone gets money,save get a loan it’s real easy stop sinning 7 deadly sin’s what are there?not the ten comments. for if you forgive yourself it’s only you how sin in the first place,God forgives but for give yourself repent then be glad and then rejoice with Yah Wev,God,I’m how I’m. Sorry is to repent,blaspheme speaking disrespectfully of God sacred things.False prophets evil one the one’s how harm mentally and physically unpleasant people,born out of wedlock etc.Merry Xmas and New Year’s…3 o’clock there put me to the cross,not the Romans but Jewish Priest sandheadrom.

    uniE603 Robby Royal producer 2012 - Tribes of Zoin,Judah...
    uniE603 F1 soundtrack where things are stored now and have been for 10 years plus for me.