Roboscope - ELLETRONIC (Parsifal Remix)

Published by Roboscope

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@Roboscope starts doing music experiments into Dub and Drum&Bass around 2007. The young and promising swiss producer is nowadays like an ancient alchemist who's constantly creating new sound-waves in his laboratory. His passion for analog and modular hardwares always pushed him to generate every single sound of his songs. His first EP for Kinesen was the strong techno tune "DOGS SCREAMERS" released in spring 2014. Roboscope is today ready to show how his sound-identity could be versatile into the electronic music world. Organic EP is a sweet and solid, deep house and techno release. Opener "Organic" is the deeper one, a fusion of a charming melody progression and soft drums (sometimes dirty) flowing into a straight after-hours dreamy track. "Elletronic" is more deep-techno sounded staying soft too. A dub dream nearly interrupted in the break by some distorted synth-keys which go on in the second verse into a travel across a pleasant and harmonic electronic land. @Specialivery remix of "Organic" is the fastest track of the release, offering a climb over a dark hill of drums and enveloping sub-basses. On the top of this metaphorical hill you will see a sweet moonlight soundtracked by large synths and an angelic arpeggio. Suddenly you will falling down to a dark wood of techno-after hours ambience. @MessMe offers in this release a minimal and clubby version of "Elletronic". His remix, is far away from the atmosphere of the original one but it's highly based on Roboscope drum elements input. You will find the distinctive trait of this song in the second verse which drops a bouncy pluck playing an allusion of the original-track keys on a different groove. Roboscope dropped in "Ellectronic" a minimal synthesis of his emotions. @Parsifalmusic created many new sounds that your heart will recognize into the original one but in fact they don't exist. So Parsifal's remix offer to the listener a maximal emotion, enhancing all the music and rhythm details of the original track. For more info #audio #Kinesen

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