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The CocoDaSilva 'Don't Say Nothing (Say Something) EP is released on Beatport on MONDAY 6th JUNE! CocoDaSilva - Don't Say Nothing (Say Something) EP A1 Don't Say Nothing A2 Say Something B1 Make It [FREE DOWNLOAD] B2 (bonus track) CDS DJ Secret Weapon Number One It's been a while since club legend Rui DaSilva and chill out supremo Chris Coco got together to make a record. They have been firm friends since they met on a particularly balmy night in Portugal, late last century, cementing their allegiance over a huge seafood platter and promising to work together at some point in the future. That point came when Rui moved to London, Chris's home town. They made several singles for Rui's fledgling label Kismet, the most successful being Saudade, still used today by many DJs as a late night super deep secret weapon. Chris DJed with Rui, briefly, after the huge success of his single, Touch Me, before DaSilva disappeared on his own DJ excursions following the song around the world. Now, Coco has travelled to Rui's current studio base in Ibiza to collaborate on four new pieces which reflect their mutual love of deep, experimental electronic music. There are three tracks to choose from here. Two companion pieces, Don't Say Nothing and Say Something, a song and an instrumental are on the A side. Don't Say Nothing is about the total breakdown of a relationship, the point where it is impossible for the two people involved to communicate in any way. Say something is, perhaps appropriately, an instrumental, no words but a more optimistic feel. The song titles owe a debt to a poster by graphic artist Anthony Burrill. On the flip, Make It has a more after hours feel, the lyrics a fractured poem about the futility of modern existence itself. Watch out for a bonus track for DJs, a functional and effective secret weapon that both DaSilva and Coco have been using in their DJ sets, called, simple, CDS DJ Secret Weapon Number One. You can, of course, expect number two on their next EP. Join Rui on Facebook: #audio #House #CocoDaSilva #Coco #Da #Silva #Make #I #Kismet #Records #t #Say #Nothing #Something #EP #New #Release #2011 #House #Free #download #Don #t # #Sa #Notthing #Dont #Dont #Say #Nothing

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