Earth ft. ThaSlumPoet & KamarSun [prod. XFlo]

Published by 2slum

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Back to Mother Earth From the root to tha crown kundalini serp squad of ancients pen in hand unveil the curse counter hieroglyphics poet viral ultraviolet verse never force the force calm as trees now abandon church nature is the temple one logic harmony for first Optic cadence rearrangement passin where the past was hurt melanin my only shirt hol up I won't dare divert times when i was puffin purp Had me cloudy eyes around me detach now broke I the curse hidden treasure pen arousal outlet founded I announced it drawing from the source triple vision with the counsel merkaba a Porsche you don't follow Homework homie Orthodox will never know me birth from leagues & now they want me asking if I'll feature only If you practice what you preaching discipline my only teaching I do it for many reasons one is for the balance seeking warrior I'm four the seasons dream of days when I'm not reachin for some peace found on the weekend island queen is all I'm needin driftin with a pair of breezes but right now I'm rebel readin voodoo pack & tiger creepin huntin' for the beast & secrets lurkin' 'pressed the boonie reject operative I'm seeking Egypt drippin' lucid alchametic raw mechanic ra light eat it godbody the soular meeting pyramid the source of freeing lotus flame this soul not freezin Consciousness of Christ your meanin Mama is the earth rituals to break the cure. the flesh is made of sacred dirt. they don't know they net worth. to many laying in a heirst. waiting praying in the church. reverse the pain stop the hurt Mama is the earth open up your mind I'm hoping you free your time. I'm hoping you see divine. take heed to the warning signs. you stuck in that suit and tie. life passing you by on the flip side they sling coke with the get high. 45's on the waist side. chasing dimes on the outside really five's on the inside. deadly toxins on the rise liver swollen twice its size. dieases kills more than bullets on the south side of the CHI. FDA said shut your mouth you a live as the sheeples fall in line. the crime rate is on the rise property value it declines. investors know the plan its a good time to by kick em out and build a sky rises. Life is full of ups and downs like a sky dive. when i flat line the flesh is gone but that soul survives. the wise is the ones that take the knowledge and apply. fuck appling 8 an hour apps they rather risk they freedom fighting just to move a stack. work for self but he don't know the facts. that energy could shift at the drop of a hat.. your whole life is a book of acts. the answer to the struggle naga is to detach. #audio #DetachmentMusic

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